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How would you like to:  

Be more approachable to the opposite sex?
Leave a lingering effect on those nearby?
Be more respected by members of the same gender?
Produce more chemistry with everyone you meet?

Archan maha tana Bracelet takrut luang saney

Special subject from Cambodia as made by Archan maha tana. Each piece of takrut is handwritten personally by Archan maha tana and all are chanted for 3 months during full moon period.Made into love Charm braclet for wearing on the hand.

The hand bracelet is made from green jade and input with the special love binding spell. Comes in both typs, one for men use on women and another on women use on man.

Method to use:

1) Wear this braclet on hand and hug or hold the hand of lover to Charm her/him and see An Immediate Impact On Not Only The Intimacy In Your Life, But All Aspects Of Your Life.Charm the heart back.

2)For married couples or those who have rocky relation, wear the bracelet on hand while sleeping together to enhance the current relationship.

3)Wear the bracelet on hand while doing sales for easily sell much more to anyone and enjoy a profit explosion!

According to Archan maha tana, The braclet takrut luang saney would bring new romance, rekindle broken relationship and culminate better chances of marriage. This powerful love energizer would bring more passion in your relationship besides making you more attractive to the other party.It will create your love desire, thus enabling you to find your long term partner in life. The item will calm your nerves and the bad quarrelling chi could be dissolved automatically.

After Wearing this bracelet, you will get:

-More eye contacts and smiles from the opposite sex

-You will be found more sexually attractive

-More dates and sexual intimacy

-A rejuvenation of your current relationship

-More passionate lovemaking

-The opposite sex will feel more relaxed and at ease with you

-The opposite sex will start up conversation with you

-Increase your self confidence

-Same sex will intuitively respect you

-Better business / employment relationships

Made only very limited pieces, Once sold out will not be making anymore.

Don’t miss out on this great amulets.

Price is only $188sgd only (limited pieces made)

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