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The most powerful seducer and weath fetching amulet call Ngan Hoo Chang by Archan em.

Due to the good respond and good feedback from client after using Archan em ngan, Archan em use the more powerful ingredients to make into the special amulets call Ngan Hoo chang
The design of the ngan’s ear is same as the ears of the elephants and the horn of the head like peacock golden tail. Half human, half animal in shape. Archen em mentioned that the ears of the ngan design to be like the elephant is for more enhance power of the ngan, good luck and always overcome the enemies.
Elephant lived in the jungle where there is abundant of fruits, plants and tree. Whoever who wear this ngan will be easy to find food, money and abundance of wealth. Head like the tail of the peacock are for charming, strong sex appeal , attraction, popular among the opposite sex and famous in work and life.
Archan em had chanted this batch of ngan for over a year and collected the best ingredients to make into the ngan, which includes:
wan hee luang
– wan dok thong
– Charming herbs 108 kinds
– wan hee kamen
– old mae per powder,
– Bone powder from 7 cemetary
– Mai yae yae wood powder
– 108 different pollens of the flowers took from the deep forest
Archan em Ngan hoo chang
According to Archan Em, if the owner wear the pHra ngan, he will be super charming and can attract all opposite sex and become the center of attraction.
Phra ngan is the master charmer, it can help for couple who are facing divorced or have separated problems. It can also use for attracting the member of the opposite sex or same sex to be totally crazy and fall in love with you. It can also be used to control the people mind and control the people to come to you.
You get to successfully deal with difficult people, and charm them into your way of thinking. It can also be use for windfal luck and wealth luck. Best for windfallluck,
The type of wealth here refers to both mainstream income and irregular income. Irregular income includes ultimate windfall, speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.
Phra ngan can be use for
–       You get to be an unstoppable sex appeal charming
–       You get to effectively seduce and control members of the oppoiste sex
–       You get to win the toughest negotiations.
–       You get to easily convince anyone to go on a date with you.
–       You get to have many friends who like, trust and believe you.
–       You get to be an powerful charmer
–       You get to be a highly respect at work or career
–       You get to win in all gambling
–       You get to persuade anyone to do anything for you!
–       Attract, Like Bees To Honey, And Seduce Absolutely anyone.
–       Become the warrior in your own life to overcome all obstacles and challenges that come your way…
Special Function of the ngan hoo chang :
1. For good business and good profit making, carry it with you while selling anything.
2. Whoever who own a business but scared that your enemies will harm you by putting black magic in your shop, place this ngan in your shop to block the black magic.
3. Whoever working in the media and social line, you will be popular and adore by your boss.
4. Wear this ngan to casino or buying lottery to increase the chances of winning.
5. Wear this ngan for strong attraction. Singles will find the special someone and attached couples will have more intimate relationship.
Special katha as provided by Archan em to chant for the ngan:
Namo tassa….x 3
“a ar, ei ee, au aoo” x 7 times.
Made only limited pieces
Special praying method will be taught to the user for best effect,
Price is only $168sgd only (limited pieces left)
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