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Do you feel:

– Lack of respect and rapport from your wife/husband or lover – That there is always obstacles in love life – Your husband/ wife or boy/girlfriend had a third party outside and lost the appeal towards you
– Your husband /wife love the third party more then you. – Boy/Girlfriend or Husband/wife had lost feelings for you and leave you – Love Life always up and down, can`t seem to achieve balance – Can’t seem to find the right soulmate for yourself.
– You try to call your lover but she/he ignore you, block you from watsapp, number and sms. – You are gay or lesbian but cant seem to maintain a normal love relationship
– Lack of attraction and charming towards the opposite sex.
Archan Em lover doll 52 prai for charm and get back ex lover.
Archan em specially made this doll  for solving all this problem using old Cambodia subject. The doll was made using 52 ghosts prai for catching the heart of the lover back to the user Ingredient : doll made by pure candle + mix together with nam man prai total 52 ghost , ash bone inside each dolls there are 52 spirits man and girls spirits , the power of doll will used the ghosts to catch back the heart of the lover back to the user
Chanted at Cemetry for 7 nights to install the spell into the doll.
Patyant cloth for wrapping the doll, called payant duang jai rak ni  (my heart )  is Cambodian subject , can  not copy if someone copy and write out this yant will go crazy , while  Archan Em was drawing this Patyant, he was chanting the katha of charming Cambodia subject.
The way to use 

First days burned incenses total 16 pieces , to tell gods or guidancespirits who look after of house to allow those 52 spirits in doll able to get through, go in – go out the house easy and no block them from entering the owner’s house.
At night before sleep
write  the name and date of birth of the lover onto the center of white payant , after that put the doll onto center of the patyant
then chant kata
 “Oom mu tu jit tang ……… jit ….(calling name of the lover )..    jong maa pan ta nang 
… pi yang ma ma …. duay  dae cha khong buang bas pra prai… pra ka ta khong khaa pa jaw….. sai pai yang hai klaew  hai klad……
oom took ma haa topk… oom tid ma haa tid …….. oom jit ti …… maa ni jit tang……. so ni berk jit maa……. ja pa ka sa “
Chant 3 times then blow onto the doll 3 times
Then placed it at the patyant in the same position (doll on top of the yant and do not cover it ) , after that keep the doll under  the pillow or secret place at house.
If the owner had dream of the lover for anyday, the next day,  hook neck of the
doll by the holy red string (red string in set tieing the patyant)  
Tieing one round of the neck of the doll will tie heart of the lover stay into this doll
After that cover doll by the white patyant  and tie it total  32 times of the red string around the covered patyant , then that keep under the pillow or secret place
According to Archan em, after that the owner first sign, will notice the lover will under black magic of the user, will believe the user in every things , will talk nicely or will return back to the user.
Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck.
It can make the person who is not interested in to become in love with you It can also mend a broken relationship or marriage. It can also charm an ex lover back.
The amulet will fan off third parties, saving you from emotional heartbreak.
Your love luck will skyrocket and always be smooth.
Don’t miss out on this great amulets.
Price is only $198sgd only (limited pieces made)
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