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After the successful sold out of the first and second batches of the Phra Ngan by Archan em, he had created the new and more advance powerful ngan call Phra Ngan racha saney.(Hornless ngan) This is made using the same ingredient as first batch Phra Ngan lah mung mong.

This second batch is design without a horn for the Ngan and the bottom is filled with the following ingredients
-Wahn Chang pal Som kelong
-Wahn paya kwuay lek,
– Wahn Phaya yonee luang
– Sin bor hee charm herbs
– Soil from 7 cemetry
– Charming oil collected and chanted for 10 years
– rae lek paek iron powder
– makkaleepon powder from cambodia (the fruit human grow out from tree)
– real lookok fox powder which had 3 leh and 2 tail
(This is very powerful for getting rid of all bad things, win enemy, charming and money)
– wahn dok thong
and many secret ingredients

Due to it’s good effect from the 1st batch ngan, Archan em decided to use back the same special ingredient which Archan em had instructed ladies who are working to collect the water climax of 100 ladies and man and mixed into the powder together.
This made the phra ngan the best sex appeal power attraction amulet and enhances it natural properties.
All ingredients are then stuff below the phra ngan and and re blessed one more time at the cemetery again for added enhance power.


They had blessed a total of 3 times together and chanted with the most powerful spell to invite the Phra ngan into the amulet.
This was the same process of making the first batch Ngan which was totally sold out due to its good effect.
According to Archan em, this batch of Ngan is without horn which is even more powerful for gambling and attraction purpose.
Best to mixed together and wore together with the first batch or second batch Ngan of Archan em.


Archan em Phra ngan racha saney

Phra Ngan, the powerful underworld deity and the highest level of Thai Occult dated back since Ayutthaya period. Phra Ngan can be worshipped in many forms for different purposes (Protection, Business, Attraction etc).

As mentioned by Archan Em , this phra ngan can break the Fengshui spell in the casino, lottery house and any gambling den to enable winning and success in gambling and windfall luck.

According to Archan Em, if the owner wear the pHra ngan, he will be super charming and can attract all opposite sex and become the center of attraction.
Phra ngan is the master charmer, it can help for couple who are facing divorced or have separated problems. It can also use for attracting the member of the opposite sex or same sex to be totally crazy and fall in love with you. It can also be used to control the people mind and control the people to come to you.

You get to successfully deal with difficult people, and charm them into your way of thinking. It can also be use for windfal luck and wealth luck. Best for windfallluck,
The type of wealth here refers to both mainstream income and irregular income. Irregular income includes ultimate windfall, speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.

Phra ngan can be use for
– You get to be an unstoppable sex appeal charming
– You get to effectively seduce and control members of the oppoiste sex
– You get to win the toughest negotiations.
– You get to easily convince anyone to go on a date with you.
– You get to have many friends who like, trust and believe you.
– You get to be an powerful charmer
– You get to be a highly respect at work or career
– You get to win in all gambling
– You get to persuade anyone to do anything for you!
– Attract, Like Bees To Honey, And Seduce Absolutely anyone.
– Become the warrior in your own life to overcome all obstacles and challenges that come your way…

Made only limited pieces
Special praying method will be taught to the user for best effect,
Price is only $168sgd only (limited pieces left)

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