Lersi Payak kham nam man prai mae jaew (Charm ex lover, enhance current relatonship)



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Lersi Payak kham nam man prai mae jaew

Special nam man prai made by lersi payak using the spirit of mae jaew Mae jaew the orinigal story came from Laos, when she was alive, the husband left her while she is pregnant, she was a person with a good heart and good soul.She always help people in need. Sadly she met with a accident while she was pregant and passed away.

Lersi payak made the nam man prai of mae jaew and control the spirit using pure Cambodia subject. It was cast with the spell of sanekamod, mon hong ron mong korn ram, salika longtek subject, saney loas subject and nongnang aumsin subject.

It was blessed on Special night by Lesi phaya kham and he had invited his old master to come bless this batch of nam man prai together.

According to lersi payak kham racha, this oil was the most powerful he ever made and so powerful that it can used for multi purposes.

– Attractive and charming of both opposite sex and same sex (For those gay/lesbian)

– Those who have no girl friend /boy friend and always bad luck in love life will improve love life and attract soulmate.

– call back and charm back ex lover

– Improve in current relationship for those who always had problems with their lovers.

– Save back a broken marriage or relationship.

– Activate your financial support luck for money finding opportunities, attract customer for sales and business, good for gambling and winning at casino,lottery and able to fufill all the owner heart desires.

The special way to use

1) Apply on back hand of user and chant mantra ” Om si jan nam mon kup nuad, om juk kuad jai long, om sa hom ti” x 3times then make a wish for strong attraction, charming and everybody love

2)To charm back the lover, write the name and date of birth of the person on a piece of paper and placed the nam man prai bottle on it, offered one incense to mae jaew and make wish for mae jaew to catch his/ her heart back.If wish came true will offered food and water to mae jaew.

3)Applied on the people or lover for making them be attracted back to you. This method will be a sure way to break up an existing third party relationship from your partner.

4) Wear the bottle in the pocket like an amulet for fulfill wishes in love, work or lottery.

Please don’t miss out on this special nam man prai oil by lersi payak kham as this will be the only time it is limited made.

Let me know right away as people have already started contacting me and I expect it to be sold out fast.


Special method and mantra will be taught to the user for using this amulet for best effective result!!!

Don’t miss out !!!


Price is only $168sgd only (limited bottles left)

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