Archan Odd (Ubon)


Archan odd 61 years old from Ubon ratchatanai is the only well-known master in Thailand who is able to summon the lightning while he is blessing the amulets to enhance the power of the amulets He had lived in Loas when he was young and learned magicial subject from many masters in Loas. He was also the chief header of village at Samnak Phoomarong in Jampasak Loas.

Archan Odd had  learned black and white magic from luang pu ki, luang pu suang, lp khamkaneung in Ubon (Well-knowned powerful monk from last time erra). He had learned the magic of insert golden needles from poocha khamdeng.

Archan odd is able to do ritual for top up missing elements (Wind, fire , water, earth) for the owner , engrave charming oil on owner for increase charming and good luck. Remove and get rid of black magic, Remove black aura from the body of people, Blow gold foil inside the stomach for good luck , attraction and wealth. He is also knowned as the heaven master in Thailand and can see forecast or future using six sense.

Many people like to visit archan odd for change luck and top up element in themselves. Archan odd has also learned the magic of calling back lover, breaking up third party and enhance marriage and relationship from Loas.