Archan Age virtual online blessing sivali ritual for good luck and good fortune.

[Archan age chanting wicha sivali got opening  the wealth financial luck and for overcome all obstacles during this period]

Due to the current crisis ,this is the best time to do an online blessing in Thailand where ritual will be carried out by archan age in Thailand.

(Video and pic will be provided of archan age blessing with your picture)

Ritual wicha sivali Ruay Sup ritual (Milliionaire wealth ritual)

Archan age will chant the ritual using your

Picture name and date of birth.

Archan age can chant your luck wealth accumulation power and your Wealth financial Luck gets activated. 

The ritual consists of putting your picture in the center of many real money and on sivali Buddha cloth and blessing the Buddha to bless you for many wealth and good luck to the owner.

Archan age sivali ritual is good for:

*Good business luck and windfall luck

* It will also cover the ‘non earned’ methods like the investments into real estate, stocks & equity, inheritance as applicable which would translate into monetary gain for you.

* It will enhance the good periods when to push ahead to progress your career.

* Able to maintain your current career or business and overcome all Obstacles.

* Career or business progress professionally while increasing your financial gains.

*Able to increase good fortune and personal good luck.

Book an advance appointment now!!!

Information needed:

*Clear picture sent to me via Watsapp

* Name given in birth

* Date of Birth details (Solar/English calendar) including time of birth

Pm or enquires: +6584994216
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