Pet Paya Na or Naga Diamond, the colour gem that can bring good luck and improvement in all aspects of life to the owner!!!

(Wat pra jaw ya in ong tue  n Ubonratchatani Province)
Pet Paya Na or Naga Diamond – from Wat pra jaw ya in ong tue  In Ubonratchatani Province
Each  Naga Diamond there is one heart of god naga  to sharing name is “Thi bodee sri suttho”      these Naga diamond took from the cave that the Naga lived In the Khong river in Sakorn nakorn provice , the power of the Naka diamond had blessed by gods naka who lived in that cave and the Lersi had came to  bleesed together (story from the temple told us)
Those gods Naga are Disciple of the Buddha said will alive and  protect the  Buddhism for 5000 year now is only year B.E 2557 ,  we can see some Buddha statue behind with Naka call “Pra Nak Prok” (There wear naga since the period of the Buddha still alive those naga always to protected of the Buddha from all danger and always followed the Buddha went every where ) , that is why we can see all temples in Thailand there are the big image of The Naga on the way while going into the temple.
Must open from stone , there is a family of naga stay there for 300 years ago call temple  “ wat pra jaw yai ong tue ” , original Name of this god naga is “ Thi bodee sri suttho” naga,
There is a book that support this story, this book not temple made from the book store selling, these book talk about story of naka , After breaking open the stone , the gem must be placed in the holy water to cleanse it. This gem stone sometime able to give six sense to the user and also whisper to user if have danger.
(Phaya naga fireballs at Mekong river)
(The monk hitting the stone to extract the gems out from it)
(Naga diamond gems in different shape and sizes)
Colour of  Naga Diamond  meaning translated from the temple of Wat pra jaw in ong tue.
Yellow – for good luck , good business , call money , successful in every things, like the gold life , people respect , power  , work smooth , many supporters If who  wearing the yellow Naga diamond , will become like do more merit after wear it ,after that will even more good luck
Red -  for power , people respect , angry easy and hot temper after wear Red naka diamond will change to be good mood , smart in everything including business , strong six sense , make decision correct way, attract wealth fast
Pink – for metta mahaniyom, people love , charming , attractive opposite sex , man supporter
Purple – for protect from bad evil , bad spirits , danger, accident , black magic , absorb good things come to life
Orange -  for Protection ,   brave , protect   from all bad things ,destroy and  win the enemy and get rid  all bad stabbers
White – for the Buddha and god to protect , suitable for boost of confident in business, sensitive , good in doing meditation
Black  -  cover all aspects of life , hard to find , protect from all danger , evil black magic , attract wealth , healthy , call money , good business
Green – metta ,people love , good temper protection from all bad thing ,and deep respect by people
This are the real naga gem extracted out from the stone. Limited and rare and I personally hit the stone to extract the gems out.
Basically all people can wear any different colour gems and still feel the effect.
It is the highest manifestation of wealth and good luck in terms of power being the reason why it can generate maximum wealth opportunities. On the other hand, the Naga gems of the most powerful reign can invite wealth, fortune, luck for patriarch and networking luck. Last but not least, the natural gems is a universally endorsed wealth gem favor by the rich. This super wealth pot promises wealth, good fortune, windfall, riches and prosperity the owner.
Once you wear this, you can instantly feel the positive energy flowing to your body.Right away, you will feel more happy and more confident with the instant boost of energy.
This is all authentic which is very rare and hard to find.
Only limited pieces.
Price at only $138sgd (Per each gems)(comes in different shape and sizes)
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