Magical famous takrut for wealth, good luck and protection from Luang Phor Surasak, Wat Pradoo

(Luang Phor Sursak , wat pradoo)

Lp Surasak, the current abbot of Wat Pradoo is one of the most famous monk in Thailand now.

Lp is one of the most friendly and humble monk i have ever met.

LP Surasak ordained as Buddhist novice by LP Sud from Wat Galong that LP Sud was magical expert in the past then LP Maha Surasak went to study the magic with LP Yod at Wat Gaeow Jalearn who was expert to make holy thread. Moreover, LP Maha Surasak is expert in making “Takrut Maha Prab” and “Takrut Hua Jai Loka That”and there are many wonderful experiences from these Takruts. LP Maha Surasak make Takrut following LP Jai’s methods, Wat Sadet. LP Surasak said LP Jang who was former abbot of Wat Pradu is very well known magical expert in the past had close disciple is LP Yim from Wat Nong Bua, Kranchana Buri province. Moreover, LP Yim has close disciples are LP Jai from Wat Sadet and LP Plain from Wat Chai Chumpon Chana Songkram. In addition, LP Jai’s close disciple is LP Yod who is teacher of LP Maha Surasak. Lp Surasak is famous for its takrut for metta and wealth. LP Maha Surasak is very popular in Thailand because there are many wonderful experiences from worshipper such as protect them from dangerous, harm and bad things.

 Some of the famous amulets made by lp Sursak:


Lp Maha Surasak takrut takrut changpeng 2556


Special takrut handwritten by lp Sursak during full moon, Hand written Yantra by LP Maha Surasak himself on Brass Sheet materials and roll by turning into a Takrut and bound 7 colour thread.

Lp made this takrut during songkarn , New year. Limited pieces made.


Effect best for:


– Metta mahaniyom, good rapport with all people.

– Protection from all danger and harm

– To magnify your windfall and speculative luck in life

– Change bad luck to good luck.

– Invite wealth and multiple fortune luck into your life

– Good sales luck, generating profit into business and career.


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Effect Best for:

– Protection against bad luck

– Grant all wishes of users

– Good rapport with everyone

– Accelerates the achievement of your plans, strategies, ambitions and goals in all aspects

– Ensures wealth for business pursuits, protection against evil forces, wealth luck, energizing family achievements, and countering ill effects of bad stars.


Very limited pieces made by Lp Surasak


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