Magicial Saney ritual by Archan Maha Tana

New ritual from orginiated from cambodia

Archan maha tana will do two special handwritten saney gold foil and paste on the stomach of the devotees and chanted cambodia magicial incantation

He will then applied a special bottle of oil on the stomach will also will be given to the deovtees.

After this magicial ritual is done,

Effect is for

1) Strong opposite sex attraction

2)  inviting suitable candidates into your lives

3) Lovers will stay internally loyal and faithful to you (best for marriage couples)

4) creates the type of romance that is free from troublesmakers and nasty quarrels.

5) Good in sales and persuaion luck.

Female will be 3 piece gold foil with different yantra with different saney oil

Male will be 2 piece gold foil with special saney oil

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