Special jingcheok sakyant who can whisper wealth opportunity and good luck to the owner (Superb Money and Wealth)

Archan ves has a special magic which he will tattoo a special jingcheok (lizard for wealth) onto the side of the left ear using special oil.

After that he will chant a special mantra to make the jingcheok alive and able to give good six sense to the owner.

According to Archan Ves, the jingcheok will whisper and give six sense to the owner regarding
1) Gambling luck (can be use in lottery and casino)
2) warning of danger
3) Six sense in attracting good customer for sales
4) wealth fetching opportunity

Special jingcheok tattoo by Archan ves has supernatural power about bring charm, sex appeal, wealth, luck and good things to a worshiper.

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