Luang Phor Amnard Wealth Collection Kumanthong Maha Weero

Luang Phor amnard created and chanted this batch 5 of amulets call kuamnthong maha weero.

this powerful kumanthong created from many sacred masses such as “Phong Prai kuman”, soils from 7 cemeteries, powder from 9 children’s bone from 9 crematories, “Whan kuman Thong” (sacred herb), “Phong Itthi Je”, “Phong Prai from 108 cemeteries and “Phong Thow kuman Thong from 108 top monks” (magical powders).
LP Amnard created this amulet followed ancient method and strongly blessed in auspicious day by himself at nite time, Inviting the kuamnthong spirit into each amulet.
Kumanthong Maha Weero by LP Amnard is very well known in Thailand because there are many wonderful experiences from Gumanree such as good business, lucky, wealth and success.
Accordign to Luang Phor amnard , This kuamnthong is special in a way that if the owner is lacking in anything in life, The kumanthong will help the owner in enhancing and get back those he or she lacks.
This is said that this kuamnthong by lp amnard can bring in lots of wealth, good fortune and money to the family. A suitable amulet for yourself and your loved ones to increase their income, speculative and wealth luck!.
This lp Amnard Kuman Thong is best for:
(Increase business luck)
(Windfall luck)
(Able to hold money)
(Clear all obstacles in life)
(Business success during negotiation)
(Fetch wealth to you)
(Protection from all harm and danger)
(Able to achieve success)
(Good relationship with everyone)
(Clear all bad luck)
(Good opportunity will come to you)

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