Visiting LuangPhor Puth

The Venerable Monk who tamed the ferocious Crocodile

LuangPhor Puth

During the recent trip to Thailand, we visited the Temple of LuangPhor Puth.

LuangPhor Puth was a very respectable monk is said to be fearless. A very kind and humble monk who lived his life in his temple, he rarely ventures out and prefer to live his life in seclusion.

LuangPhor Puth was the Abbot of Wat Glang Bang Phra ( Nakhon Pathom ). He spent most of his youth cultivating and meditating in jungles of Cambodia and Thailand.

LP Puth SoonTaRo was born in Nakhon Pathom province on 9 of November 1910. During his youth was a soldier at the age of 21-22. After finish his service, LP went back to his home.

LP Put was ordained at the age of 36 at Bang Phra. LP was ordained by LP Him InTaChoTho, LP ThongYoo and LP Plien. LP was given the religious name of SoonTaRo.

LP has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP studied Vipassana Meditation, Visha (magic) and Thai medicinal plants at this temple. At the same time, LP Larnt Pali grammar and passed an examination the third grade. Two year later, LP passed an examination the second grade and first grade. After finishing, LP went to Tudong into deep jungles and cemeteries alone to gain knowledge and accumulate good karma and knowing the ways and teachings of Buddha by six year.

In 1952, villagers invited LP Puth to become Abbott of Wat GlarngBang Phra, Nakhon Pathom province. LP has been one of the most famous present-time. LP Put passed away on 16 January 1999 at the age of 88 year old. LP Put amulet is very famous for bringing to its wearer’s wealth and protection.

He was among the friends and disciple of the following famous master at some point of time:

LP Noi of Wat Srisathong

LP Cham of Wat Takong

LP Peum of Wat Klang Bang Geow

LP Poon of Wat Paom

LP Pern of Wat Bang Phra

The very life like wax statue of LuangPhor Puth in his temple.

The very life like wax statue of LuangPhor Puth in his temple.

The Luangphor Puth was a very humble and discreet master, who prefers the a life of simplicity then of publicity, living quietly in his little temple.

Not much is known about him, however there are some fascinating stories circulating about him. He is known to possessed two very special and unique qualities: the total absence of fear and a miraculous ability to communicate and tame the wild and ferocious animals.

This picture taken by us showing the Trademark?of LuangPhor Puth with his right palm in a raised position facing outwards. This is also the Buddha hand gesture of symbolizing absence of fear?or the Abhaya Mudra. It also means to calm down any angry beings from fighting.

A picture of the stuffed crocodile which once terrorized a small village.

There is a very interesting story behind this crocodile which eventually becomes the pet and the mascot of the temple.

This ferocious crocodile ate one of the fishermans and attacked another who was trying to save him.

Upon learning of this Incident, LP Puth went to the dwellings of this ferocious crocodile. After a few hours, the master emerge with this ferocious reptile following closely behind him.

And from that day on, this crocodile followed him and lived in his Temple. Often tailing LP Puth.

This was why LP Puth was a monk with no sense of fear and has the ability to communicate with nature.

After the death of the crocodile, the monk preserved the crocodile and stuffed it. This pictures were taken during our recent visit. Offerings can be seen in the mouth of the crocodile.

And these are just some of the pictures were taken during Mystical Thai’s recent visit.

A Buddha statue tribute to Luangphor Puth practice. Note that statue of the buddha has the same Abhaya Mudra hand gesture as LP PUTH.

After his death, his holy body is still displayed in the temple for devotees to pay respect to.

Effigy of the spirit of Tai Takien?

As LP Puth loves venturing deep into forests and jungles alone to study and collect rare and unique botanical flora, he happen to chance upon the ancient spirit tree or Tai Takien? Now this piece of wood resides in his temple as a permanent resident. Visitors can pray for wishes to be granted here and make offerings to her.

* Note that there are skulls of 2 wild beasts, these are ferocious and wild jungle cats which LP Puth has subdued.

Villagers also seek help from LP Puth to subdue wild jungle cats, and no blood was shed during that incident. After the wild jungle cats passing, their skulls were put on display in the temple.
Various amulet and collectibles from LuangPhor Puth抯 journeys and encounter, still available at the temple counter.

From the counter at Wat Glang Bang Phra

Some more from the counter at Wat Glang Bang Phra

Again, more pictures from the counter at Wat Glang Bang Phra

The very well preserved body Venerable LuangPhor Puth. Clearly this master has attained a great level of practice.

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