A trip to Lopburi Province- LuangPhor Thongdum of Wat Tham Tapiantong

It was a 3hours plus journey from Bangkok to Lopburi Province to seek the well-known master, LuangPhor Thongdum of Wat Tham Tapiantong. Here are some pictures we took along the way. Please enjoy viewing.

A lake where we pass by. In Lopburi, on our way to Wat Tham Tapiantong

Saw something from afar by the lake…

What is that white figure in the distance??

Lets go nearer to take a closer look….

A majestic white statue of Buddha sitting by the peaceful and serene lake. Very peaceful feeling.

After a minute break out for some fresh air and a few pictures of the nice scenaries and beautiful Buddha statue. We are off again.

On the journey again to Wat LuangPhor Thongdum. Passing by small hamlets and village houses.

Turning into a narrow and unpaved path from the highway. We heard towards the hills.

Rocky and uneven dirt track after turning out somewhere middle of the highway.

Hills from the distance, we are told that we will be on this rocky dirt track for about 10mins before reaching.

What’s that from afar? looks like a Wat/Temple…

Zoom in for a closer look… Wat Tham Tapiantong?

Nope… it’s not! We pass by it and went further into the hills…

I saw something… Looks like the entrance to a Wat!!

Looks simple from outside. Could this really be Wat Tham Tapiantong??

The peaceful and quiet surroundings…

A Kwan-Imm Bodhisattva shrine in Wat Tham Tapiantong??

A closer look and pay respect to Lady Kwan-imm. The Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara.

What is this shrine beside the kwan-Imm?? Looks interesting!!!

It is a shrine dedicated to a Hindu deity? Let’s examine closer..

.A picture of Lord Krishna and his consort on the wall? Maybe this deity is Lady Radha?

A Phra Phrom Bhrama shrine nearby..

A Phra Prom shrine under the hill

Spotted something very interesting below the foothills…. it looks like a cave!

What’s inside the cave? Looks dark an erriee…

Lets turn on the flash… But just as we are about to venture further.. the guys are calling.. LuangPhor Thongdum is ready to see us! So we turn back and head towards the kuti..

The eminence LuangPhor Thongdum of Wat Tham Tapiantong

Presenting some of the gift we brought for LuangPhor Thongdum. He is happy.

LuangPhor Thongdum’s alter. Pay respect to Lord Buddha first. Wait… spotted something very interesting again!

The mysterious and rare black wood- Mai Ngew Dum. The wood with unique properties.

A wood with properties so unique that it that it can ward off anything “unclean”. Under the hands of a great master, the fully black wood can be make into powerful amulets. This tree is almost extinct now because of high demand.

The goodies in the counter..

After getting the goodies, we proceed to let LuangPhor bless us.

Once again, LuangPhor Thongdum of Wat Tham Tapiantong, Lopburi Province.

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